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The Science of Meditation - Meditation for the 21st Century

Meditationfrance - Great website in French with lots of information on meditation

Radio Magico - web radio playing soft music, international songs, spiritual music

Bouddhisme-information : about Buddhism (in French).

Oshonews - News from the world around Osho and his sannyasins.

New Earth Records - Exploring the mystery of sound and silence

Malimba Records - an award-winning New Age label that specializes in music for relaxation, massage, yoga, the healing arts, meditation and spas or, in other words, in music for conscious living.

Optimum Self - Awareness exercises and simple meditation techniques, tips and secrets of the ancients revealed in eBook for fulfillment, peace of mind and happiness.

The Silent Place - A practical and enlightening guide to spiritual awakening, Toning, and Channeling. By Beth Johnson, the author of "First you Sigh".

Osho Gautama Multiversity - Personal growth and meditation... provide a calendar a seminars in Italy

Origin - This website is about peace, pleasure and freedom... the peace of a high mountain lake, the pleasure of a good meal, a special place, of love and friendship. It's about freedom to be yourself...

Barbara A.Rizzo - Spiritual Art Gallery, abstract spiritual art...

Sannyas World - the international portal for Osho sannyasins around the globe.

Meditation Info Guide. A complete guide on meditation with information on meditation techniques, meditation methods, meditation music and meditation furniture.

Music for Inner Peace: Steven Halpern’s Inner Peace Music offers #1 best – selling music for relaxation & meditation. Our online store includes the best music for yoga, massage, sound healing & accelerated learning.

How to meditate for beginners
The ultimate guide to meditation techniques for beginners